Haxogreen 2018

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Haxogreen 2018
Name Haxogreen 2018
Date 2018/07/26
DateEnd 2018/07/29
Location Dudelange, Luxembourg
Attendees Dennis

... is a 4-day outdoor summer camp (26th - 29th July 2018) for over 100 hackers from all over Europe

... is where a community of creators, innovators, engineers, programmers and artists gathers and meets for an informal information-exchange, for talks, workshops and live music, and above all, for fun.

... is the summer-feeling of july, the adventure of outdoor camping, the smell of bbq and the thrill of long nights.

... is a cozy campsite with lots of technology

(shameless stealing from Haxogreen 2016) - Check out haxogreen.lu.



  • zarya (+ oosjeu en Yanti)
  • D2 (+niz + space for more pplz if needed)

Shared village stuff we need/have

Still need


Pancakes on friday \o/

oosjeu will bake pancakes on friday, and possibly on saturday as well if there are leftovers. Niz will bring the famous hot syrup. Please have yourself put on the list below if you want to join:

  • Niz
  • Oosjeu
  • Zarya
  • Ranzbak
  • Anus
  • WinSCaP