Solar power

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Solar power
Solar panel.png
Skills Electronics
Status Planning
Niche Electronics
Purpose Saving energy and money
Tool No
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Solar power

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Planning for solar powered space

Action points

  • Ask het volkshuis if we are allowed to place panels on the roof
  • Ask current kWh supplier if we are allowed to deliver power back
  • Electricity overhaul


  • Up to 50x 150W panels on loan from AltPwr after SHA
  • Inverter
  • Cables


We think that we can do it for around 1500 euro

Crowd funding

  • Zarya 100 euro (money does not have to come back or come back as member fee)
  • dreamer 100 euro (would like 'some' extended "friend-benefits" :] )
  • vierla 50 euro (would like some friend with extended benefits)
  • the0 100 euro (would like monkeys)

4 years loan (NO gift)

  • the0 250 euro
  • niz 250 euro (if space is not funding it)
  • flok 50 euro