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Member of NURDs
nickname The_Niz
Memberstatus secretary
Part of Projects 433Mhz things, 555 based synth, Atari 1040 connector, Big Ass VU Meter, DIP28 to DIP32 converter, Fablab Wageningen Computers and Infra, HARKboot, HTC Blue Angel revival, IPC@Chip boards, Minibeamer, Networked coffee machine, NIC bootrom burning, PLCC32 in Circuit flash/eeprom Programmer, Propellor testing rig, Solar charging circuits, SpaceServer, Speech in the space, VoIP

Main interests

  • Audio hardware (DIY synths, effects)
  • Lasers
  • Robotics & embedded systems
  • Programming


  • Repair spare Pavilion laptop battery
  • Get or build PLCC32 in system/in circuit programmer
  • Learn more about monitor firmware and how to tamper with it

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