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Member of NURDs
nickname The_Niz
Memberstatus member
Part of Projects Atari 1040 connector, Big Ass VU Meter, DIP28 to DIP32 converter, E02 Smart Wristband, Fablab Wageningen Computers and Infra, HARKboot, IPC@Chip boards, MIDI_Synths_and_Arduinos, Minibeamer, Networked coffee machine, NIC bootrom burning, Nizzies Home Automation Efforts, NrfSensorNode, Phone Dock Keyboard, PLCC32 in Circuit flash/eeprom Programmer, Speech in the space, VoIP
Attending events End of the Year '14, FPGA_workshop

Main interests

  • Audio hardware (DIY synths, effects)
  • Lasers
  • Robotics & embedded systems
  • Programming
  • Domotica


  • Repair spare Pavilion laptop battery
  • Get or build PLCC32 in system/in circuit programmer
  • Learn more about monitor firmware and how to tamper with it
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