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Owner Space
Status Infra
Tool Yes
Tool category Infrastructure



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Erratic is our current primary server that's running things such as nurdservices, ipam and many other tools that we use as well as a few member projects. Erratic is the successor of Coherence.


Software Stack

Please try your best to document VMs and LXC containers and their use, as well as any docker containers that you setup. This so it's easier for your fellow Nurds to do maintenance or fix something going haywire.


Type Name
Motherboard Supermicro X10SRi-F
Processor Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 (vintage 2014, 6core, 12threads, 15M cache @ 2.4G , 3.2G turbo (actually it seems to do 4Ghz?))
OS Proxmox 7.1
Memory 2x 32GB DDR4 ECC running at 1866MT/s (max speed of modules 2133MT/s)
OS SSD Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
NVME Storage 2x Samsung 980 1TB
HDD Storage 2x Samsung HD204UI 2TB


Service port(s) link Description
Proxmox 8006 Proxmox web interface


The system is running a Docker LXC at which can be managed using Portainer at

Docker container port(s) link Maintainer Description
Portainer 8000, 443 Space Web interface for managing docker containers (Username admin)
Scrutiny 8001 Space Web interface showing smart status, collector running on Erratic.]\
epcmqttbridge - - Melan A (non yet fully functional) epc to mqtt bridge/


ID LXC Name port(s) link Maintainer Description
100 See docker - Space LXC running docker containers
101  ? - Flok Ichinga2 monitoring
102  ? - Space PartKeepr
103 - - Space Database for PartKeepr
104 - - - Unknown
105  ? - - Running influxdb and grafana
106 - - r3boot Work in progress irc bot
107 - - Melan A failed attempt at remaking nurdbot
108  ? - Space Gitea instance
109 - - Flok Asterisk instance
110 - - Flok No idea
111 Flunk - - Flunk No idea
113 - - space does ldap??
114 irctvserver - - Flok Handles IRC tv
115 443 - Space Wekan instance
116 - - r3boot Attempt to update the wiki
117 - -  ? Honestly, no idea.
118 gopher - - buZz No idea.
119 - -  ? No idea
120 - - Space Librenms instance
121 - - Petraea 🤷‍♀️
122 - - idk idk
124 See Airplane_Tracking Melan SDR and airplane tracking instance
125 443 Petraea ipam stance
126 See soundfx - Melan Container that makes leds go flashy on music
127 - - idk idk
128 443 - space Instance running nginx to make internal sites accessible outside
133 - - Space Provide shells to members
140 - - Space Runs Nurdbot
141 - - Petraea 🤷‍♀️


ID VM Name port(s) link Maintainer Description
112 - - Zarya User portal
123 - - Space Runs homeassistant
129 - - Melan To run SDR programs that require Windows
114 - - Space Runs DHCP and DNS


The two NVME drives are running in raid 1, aside from a 50GB partition that is run in raid 0 to provide a cache for the hdd storage.

This HDD storage is running a raid 1 as well and reaches very good performance. measured speeds

The NVME storage is used for instances that benefit from fast speeds, try to refrain from using it for endless crap.

To document

  • second nic
  • LACPs ( isn't Network enough? )
  • photos (eh?)


Useful guides

Installing docker in a LXC and enabling overlay2 fs

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