FabLabWag Meeting 1

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FabLabWag Meeting 1
Name FabLabWag Meeting #1
Date 2012/12/12
Location Hesselink van Suchtelenweg, Wageningen
Contact FwD, buZz, laafwerpen

See FabLabWag_Meeting_2 for notes from the next meeting.

With a NURDspace delegation of BuZz, Laafwerpen and myself (FwD) we went to the first real meeting about starting a FabLab in Wageningen. In total 12 people were present.

We discussed various aspects of getting the actual FabLab started, most of which were practical (money, machines, administration) and some less practical (copyright on produced work).

This meeting is a result of the subscription list that was passed around at the introductory presentation on november 16th.

A short summary of the points discussed:


Names, interests and occupations of all people present were mentioned.

Organisation, rules, rights

  • We discussed the general idea of Creative Commons, and people are advised to read up on it.
  • People with contacts will inquire FabLabs in Amersfoort and Groningen about their approach.
  • There will be a distinction between members and visitors.

Space, both physical and organisational

  • There is a foundation (stichting) on the name of Bram, who is the original initiator. People present have offered to take up roles on the board.
  • An e-mail will be sent to people who've put their names on the list of those that want to stay informed to ask if they want to participate on the board.
  • Statutes will be put online.
  • An insurance policy (WA-verzekering) needs to be taken out to arrange security and liability in case things or people break.
  • Possibly a usage policy needs to be put in place before people are allowed to use machines. Inquiries at other FabLabs will be made to see how they do it.
  • As an example of opening hours there is the suggestion of 1 fixed open day per week, split up into 2 halves, each requiring 1 supervisor.


A Google Docs document has been made where we can collaborate on a wishlist of tools that we need/want, both to get started and for the future.


Some donations have been offered by one of the people present: a 3d printer of choice. Other people present offered to look into possible subsidies. Crowdfunding has been discussed as a possibility. An estimated € 5000-10.000 worth of tools and machines is needed to get started.

PR / Communications

One of the people present has offered to rebuild the current website in Drupal. Three others have offered to create the styling.

There might be a possibility to hitch along on a Wageningen 750 event. One of the people present will inquire at the organising committee.


Next meeting will be january 16th at 20:00 in the same place.

Pictures of the space

Plattegrond kelder nieuwland.jpg FabLab ruimte rechtsachter.jpg FabLab ruimte rechtsvoor.jpg FabLab ruimte linksvoor.jpg FabLab ruimte linksachter.jpg

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