FabLabWag Meeting 2

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FabLabWag Meeting 2
Name FabLabWag Meeting #2
Date 2013/01/16
Location Hesselink van Suchtelenweg, Wageningen

See FabLabWag_Meeting_1 for notes from the previous meeting.

With a NURDspace delegation of BuZz, Laafwerpen and myself (FwD) we went to the first real meeting about starting a FabLab in Wageningen. In total 13 people were present. The special guest of the evening was Bart Bakker from FabLab Utrecht (Protospace).

Opening and notifications

A board of 5 people has been formed, official hand-over from the original pro-forma board has yet to take place. Statutes will probably remain effective unchanged, as they are very standard. The bank account is still on the original founder's name as well, but will soon be handed over to the new treasurer.



Notes from the previous meeting



Bart informs us that a lasercutter is by far the most used tool in ProtoSpace. A 3D-printer is fun, but of little use.

These 4 machines are the minimum requirement:

  • laser cutter
  • large mill
  • small mill
  • vinyl cutter

There's also a list of recommended smaller machines on minifablab.nl

Bart's experience with laser cutters: Chinese import is crappy. HPC Laser combined with a LAOS board is usable. BRM Thuislaser wants to start selling a 30x40cm model.

One of the attendants will inform the possibility of acquiring tools/machines from university work places.

The 3D-printer previously promised as sponsoring from an attendant might not come through: he withdrew his offer and is now willing to participate in the costs of buying one, but only near the end of the year.

NURDspace has offered to build a 3D-printer at cost, which is ~400 euro. This could be covered by money already on the account and donations promised on the spot.



  • instruction at schools with a 3D-printer
  • Wagenings Nut (has been asked)
  • Rabobank
  • Regiofonds
  • Prins Bernhardfonds
  • Provincie Gelderland

On FabLab.nl there are some operational models. Basic point: a FabLab can not pay for itself, it will always need sponsoring/donations/subsidies. FabLab Utrecht has been running for nearly 5 years, and has gotten a European subsidy which will run out in june. In total they've received 300.000 for 5 years.

The owners of the building will look into costs for use/rent.

4 attendants will set up a basic income model, which will later be adjusted as things devlop.

It might be handy to obtain a BTW-number. For this to happen there needs to be a board change first.

Bastiaan is considering making the assembly of a 3D-printer into a kind of workshop or public event.

PR and website

There is a Drupal site, but administration turned out more difficult than expected and it's too big a solution for what the website needs to be. Also, it might be hacked. The owner will look into it. Domains are also still on his name. He can transfer these to the foundation (stichting). Hosting has been offered for free by NURDspace via Site4U. Freek and Bastiaan will set up a WordPress installation and look into templates along with a 3rd attendant. Content is in the hands of a 4th attendant. The website will at least need to contain:

  • Blog/news
  • Agenda
  • Showcase/portfolio of results
  • Who we are (About)
  • Instructions

Content can be re-used from Bart's FabLab.nl. He insisted on including the Fab Charter.

Internet connection in FabLab

An attendant has been working on obtaining internet access for his own office, which will be in the same building as the FabLab. in 4 weeks this should be operational. Possibly FabLab can benefit from his experience.

Closing statements

  • Bart mentions FabTafel: once every 6 weeks there is a get-together of FabLabs. Upcoming is 24th of january in Ulft, at 15:00.
  • There will be an inquiry into insurance, to cover accidents with visitors.
  • The list of interested people (meeting #0) will be informed of the progress.
  • Donations can be made to addressed to Stg. FabLab Wageningen
  • Next meeting: 13th of februari, 20:00
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