Maker Faire Eindhoven

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Maker Faire Eindhoven
Name Maker Faire Eindhoven, NURDspace deelname
Date 2022/09/24
DateEnd 2022/09/25
Location Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
Contact Berend
Attendees Tahtkev

Day 1 pics


Info Makerfaire 2022: Participation NURDs: Maker_Faire_Eindhoven_deelname

Yes, I am going

  • Berend
  • Niz (In any case on Friday for buildup, maybe Saturday/Sunday as well)
  • buZz ( sat , maybe/probably sun too ) corona :(

( maybe these ppl forgot to edit Maker_Faire_Eindhoven_deelname )

  • David (for Saturday there is still one spot free in my car, contact me if you want to join on 06-48783659). I will be leaving from space on Saturday around 9.00).
  • r3boot
  • Tahtkev (Available Friday Sunday)
  • Eis-T
  • D-2 (Available Saturday or Sunday)