Maker Faire Eindhoven deelname

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Maker Faire Eindhoven deelname
Maker Faire Eindhoven deelname.jpg
Participants Berend
Status Active
Niche Other
Purpose Sharing, get more people to the space
Tool No
Location Eindhoven
Cost TBD
Tool category

Maker Faire Eindhoven deelname

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File:Eindhoven Maker Faire aanmeldstatus aangepast NURDspace Wageningen 430.pdf


  • PiDP with Letterwriter 100 teletype, let kids program in BASIC and let them take home the program on a piece of paper tape.
  • VR experience
  • Maggies Cosplay making/costumes
  • Airfryer met frikandellen
  • Recreate space atmosphere with couches/desks lighting/music
  • Tekenrobot
  • T119RC-Bert
  • ....
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