Arduino Ethernet Relay Box

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Arduino Ethernet Relay Box
Arduino Ethernet box.jpg
Participants Dennis
Skills Arduino
Status In progress
Purpose Infra
Tool No
Location Zaal 1
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Arduino Ethernet Relay Box

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This is fitted in a nice project box by Berend and is connected to

  • A modded power strip with 5 outlets

The power strip mod

For the mod I took out a piece of metal that connected 1 pin off all 5 outlets. I used 4 Wago clips and some solid core copper wire to connect it all up. Now all 5 sockets can be toggled with relays 4-8.




  • Use at Maker Faire Eindhoven to toggle some shit via IRC.
  • Use at space to have some more lights automated (maybe in Zaal 2 or 3)

Todo for Maker Faire

  • Get more lamps
  • Modify a power strip so that individual outlets can be toggled

Future plans

  • Add a (membrane) keypad
  • Add another power strip for the other 3 sockets?