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NURDbar by Hackerspace Supply
Skills 1337 Skillz, Programming, auditing
Status Planning
Niche Food
Purpose Infra
Tool No
Location Bij de bar
Tool category Food and Drink

NURDbar by Hackerspace Supply

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To provide Mate and other drinks and assorted electronics for the space via a seperate foundation (run by Tahtkev)




  • Have guest access
  • Have accounts where people can top up
  • Easy to add products and monitor stock
  • Touchfriendly for the terminal side
  • Both Cash and Card options on terminal
  • Be able to make users who aren't members of the space
  • Reciept with HSlogo, NURDbar by HS* member/customer, what they bought/did, remaining balance if balance was topped up or something bought with balance,
  • No negative balance allowed in principle

Nice to haves

  • Intergration with soundboard?
  • Nagging function if a product has been selected but not been paid for
  • Vending machine add on?
  • Hark Express addon?
  • Top up balance via portal?
  • export to GNUcash


  • AIO PC.
  • Card reader that understands our entry cards (apperently a HID device?).
  • barcode scanner
  • Cash drawer with printer
  • Some form of a card machine


MATE-MATE 1.30EUR MIO MATE 1.50EUR Gerst Thee 1.50EUR