NurdInn EndofSummer

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NurdInn EndofSummer
Name NurdInn EndofSummer
Date 2018/08/09
DateEnd 2018/08/13
Location space

Thursdayevening till mondayafternoonish


  • buZz
  • dreamer
  • zmatt
  • flok
  • niz
  • harribal III on tour
  • dennis
  • "lex"
  • Spider "otter" Webz
  • Booots
  • PoC henk
  • bee em ef
  • bavrogar (zaterdag?)

stuff that potentially could should be done

  • move amp into bar, connect the speakers that are there already - fail
  • fix the led matrix thats in zaal2 for the infomarkt - fail
  • get rid of boxes with oleds - mostly done
  • put back and secure the separator-drapes in zaal2 - one set is up, test for now
  • fix the ds55 - all buttons replaced; battery holder and fresh cr2032 added
  • cut up pcb's for the pcbmap - top half of .nl done
  • play with pokittos and platformio - we played some
  • hook up BBB to the old kassa - keyboard buttons are hooked up!
  • Migrate google analytics on to (eg) piwik - fail
  • Flash new image on Samsung tablet Vlad brought - latest stock firmware (4.4.2) is running
  • Put stuff in partkeepr - fail
  • Put books on bookcrossing - getting there!
  • Fix left audio monitor in the studio - working great
  • Get rid of bigass 19"-rack - gone \o/