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Power meter
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Skills Electronics
Status Replaced
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infra
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Power meter for the space power usage. Used to run Espurna but it is supported by ESPhome now. Since we needed to flash a fresh ESP8266 board anyway, we will try to use ESPHome.


  • ESP8266 (Lolin NodeMCU v3)
  • pzem-004t (V2.0 printed on PCB) (aliexpress)

Selection 022.png


  • Install sensor
  • Install value storage software (InfluxDB on
  • Install graphing frontend (Grafa on https://metrics.nurd.space)
  • Print a case because of live 230V AC on terminals
  • Config ESPhome, possibly using this (V3) or this (V1). We have a V2 so we might be out of luck here. Basic config with OTA done and added to Jarvis.
  • Fix home assistant bits
  • Clean up old bits (MQTT and such, old topic: power/main/#)