Rules and guidelines

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Rules and guidelines
Skills Common sense
Status Active
Niche Other
Purpose Infrastructure
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Rules and guidelines

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This is still a work in progress



Leaving the space

Keep everything clean

Before you leave, make sure the next person to use the place has all the room he or she needs. Don't occupy desk space after you leave, don't leave parts laying about. Put away projects that you have worked on.

Please clean your desk after use (don't throw it on the ground), you can find cleaning supplies in the kitchen.

As a rule of thumb, try to leave the space behind in a tidier state than you found it.

Opening up

In the space

  • If a container is outside bring it in.
  • Set spacestate to on.
  • Set heat to comfortable with !ot-set %temp% in IRC or with the Thermostat.
  • Clean out the Dishwasher.
  • Give plants water (if they seem thirsty. check the soil).

Closing up

In the space

  • Check that all the windows are closed
  • Check that the lights are off (or automate this before you leave)
  • Check that all doors are closed+locked
  • Check that the heating is off
  • Check that any stuff using power needlessly is switched off
  • Check that the dishwasher is full and let it run if not full stuff it as much as possible and let it run