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Owner Petraea
Status Infra
Location Closet near the door
Tool No
Tool category


SpaceNanny.jpg {{{InventoryOwner}}}Property "Tool Owner" (as page type) with input value "{{{InventoryOwner}}}" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process. Closet near the door

Whats the specs!11!!!

The old pi broke, we installed a new one on september 6th 2017

What doesit doooooooo

Space status switch

Reads the giant space status switch that is next to the door (cable on GPIO). This turns space status on and off. Code in /opt/doorsensor/


We are using a 433MHz doorbell set from the Action store. It consists of a button/sender thingie (outside) and a receiver (inside) that plays a sound when it receives a doorbell press. This works standalone, but:

An arduino with a second 433MHz receiver is connected on USB to SpaceNanny to receive doorbell presses and send MQTT data. This way we can use the events to do things like playing a doorbell sound on the MPD, and show a message on Led ticker. Code is in /usr/local/sbin/

It used to do

buZz has original image in case stuff is needed from the first incarnation yolo