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Participants Eis-T
Skills cycling, zero carbon mobility
Status Active as fuck
Niche Infra
Purpose Sharing, get more people to the space
Tool Yes
Location Stolen
Cost 0,-
Tool category General


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Spacefiets is THE mobility solution for many situations.

Need more frikandellen from the supermarket and the shops are about to close? Spacefiets!

Appointment on the other side of town? Spacefiets!

Bought something heavy at Emmaus? Spacefiets!

Too drunk to drive home? Spacefiets!

How does it work?

  • First get the bike key from the keybox. In the kitchen behind the kitchen
  • The bike is attached to the tree right next to NURDspace. Make sure to return the bike the same way you found it.
  • The handbrakes are purely decorative.
  • Put the keys back in the keybox when you're done cycling.

For the visually inclined:


  • The bike needs a fair dose of WD40
  • Valve's on tires have been replaced for new non leaky ones.
  • The lights are broken. headlight is missing, backlights are broken
  • But hey, it gets you from A to B

Spacefiets is donated by Eis-T

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