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Event Date DateEnd Location
[[Elektrik Cafe|Elektrik Cafe]] 1 October 2023 Cafe Bosch Apeldoornsestraat 4a 6828 AB Arnhem
[[DOOMsday|🔥 DOOMsday 🔥]] 10 December 2023 11 December 2023 Space
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Android WorkshopAndroid Workshop20 June 2012Space
DOOMsday🔥 DOOMsday 🔥10 December 2023Space
Elektrik CafeElektrik Cafe1 October 2023Cafe Bosch Apeldoornsestraat 4a 6828 AB Arnhem
July Build Night with SugruJuly Build Night with Sugru5 July 2013Space
Maker Faire Eindhoven 2023Maker Faire Eindhoven 202322 September 2023Eindhoven
Meeting 05-01-2012Meeting #95 January 2012Niz
Meeting 07-10-2011Meeting #37 October 2011Bjornl
Meeting 11-04-2012Meeting #1111 April 2012Space starting around 21.00
Meeting 13-04-2012Meeting #1213 April 2012Space starting around 21.00
Meeting 19-11-2011Meeting #619 November 2011At jelle starting 14.00
Meeting 2 12 2011Meeting #72 December 2011Bjornl starting ~20.00
Meeting 20-10-2011Meeting #420 October 2011Bij bjornl
Meeting 23-09-2011Kickoff - Meeting #123 September 2011Niz
Meeting 23-12-2011Meeting #823 December 2011Bjornl
Meeting 27-01-2012Meeting #1027 January 2012Bjornl
Meeting 30-09-2011Meeting #230 September 2011Dennis
Meeting 4-11-2011Meeting #54 November 2011Bij niz
Noiseless VaultNoiseless VaultHttps://
Open nightOpen Night22 February 2012Space
RevSpace NYP visitRevSpace NYP visit6 January 2012RevSpace The Hague
StrippartyStripparty20 May 2012Space
Trojan horse Schaarsbergen part 2 1/2Operation Trojan Horse Schaarsbergen part 2 1/2Makerspace Schaarsbergen
Visit to BIT datacenterVisit to BIT datacenter29 November 2013BIT datacenter, Ede