Networked Audiomixer

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Networked Audiomixer
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Networked Audiomixer

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We've had experience with hardware like this through the Nexia_PM, but thats a very expensive device.

This project aims to make a simple 4x in 1x out (or maybe 2x out) stereo mixer that is controllable over network -only-.


Dreamer suggested this circuit ; *archive*

This shows a mono 4 to 1 summing mixer, which would be adequate. As i have 12 digipots in home, not 16, i'll adjust it to 3 to 1.

My idea is to end up with 2x the input (buffer) circuit, and 4x the output (mixing) circuit, so i end up with a 3x2 matrix mixer.

After this version works, i want to remix it to a cheaper version, using FM62429 as digipots perhaps, and have the dual voltage regulator on the pcb?


  • 2x Input boards 'row board'
  • 4x Output boards 'column board'
  • Power Supply
  • Input and output connectors
  • SBC part to operate the digipots, and receive the second stereo output

Stuff to get

Input boards

This gets 3x mono inputs.


  • 3x 100k
  • 3x 1k


  • 2x 10uF 25V
  • 2x 100nF


  • 3x TL071 , or 1x TL074


  • 2x Ferrite beads

Output boards

This gets 3x mono outputs.


  • 6x 100k
  • 1x 220R


  • 2x 47pF
  • 2x 100nF


  • 2x TL071 , or 1x TL072 (or as i need 4x these output boards, 1x TL074 and share half to second output board)

Others =

  • connectors , ???
  • some powersupply? (this circuit needs -15, 0 and +15V) , maybe this meanwell
  • some kinda case?
  • some SBC with line-in and network (and storage?) :)