Nurdinn fall2017edition

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Nurdinn fall2017edition
Name NurdInn
Date 2017/10/26
Location Space

thursday 26 october till monday 30 october there will be another Nurdinn


  • buZz
  • dreamer
  • vierla
  • nooitaf
  • bigmacfoobar +1
  • jglauche
  • Niz probably on friday and/or saturday-ish
  • ..
  • you?

Stuff to do

Todo Done
Revive massive lasercutter fail
Fix dreamers Minifab-II succes
Try to reinstall Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer fail
Play with audio/video-studio in 'secret area' succes
Create and print frame for microdrone fail
Try to build something in love2d succes
Add more sonoffs to the space lighting to automate more stuff succes
Help building a house @ Ecodorp Ppauw and party afterwards fail
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