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Project Wishlist
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Project Wishlist

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This project is just to collect ideas for future projects. It is also intended to collect the projects that still need to be done 'sometime' but have nobody adopting them. The only project part of this project, is figuring out a way to easily add new projectideas to this.


  • lasercutter needs work :)

jglauche (owner of lasercutter) offered to come visit for a weekend to help to get it working , if she can crash somewhere (i guess at space is fine, but bed|better might be better)) --buZz (talk) 21:25, 10 May 2017 (CEST)

  • a well stocked, maintained and self-financing bar
  • Containers which will fit in the expedits (and are not made of cardboard)
  • Clean up wiki, starting with fixing pages with following tag:
  • a building committee to improve the building itself and perform minor maintenance
  • Lyrics on pixelflut screen synced to music
  • a cleaning (rewards?) system
  • fix space status
  • automate lights and heating to save power but facilitate a comfy usable space, for instance with Home Assistant running on Jarvis.
  • Put more infra in LDAP, possibly with Ansible.
  • Fix LDAP management and wikipage
  • a system to keep track of inventory, tools and stuff in general. Partkeepr is a nice start, but not suitable for all of our stuff. Maybe add more stuff to its own wiki page and work with categories and locations? Some start attempt at CastingAgency
  • easy interface from book zipcode to bookcrossing label to put it in our bookcrossing zone ( )revive bookcrossing?
  • Save Zeef the World: zeefdruk / screenprint installation , to do screen printing on ~random objects (UPDATE: there's some random appeared screenprinting kit @ zaal2 , looks like ment for small designs onto tshirts?)
  • make a proper !np for NURDbot , one that shows urls of shoutcasts -and- their metadata, but doesnt spam us if shuffle is on etc ;) also handle ID3 properly and invent some clear label for when no tag and no stream , maybe deepest directory towards it + filename? hmm
  • make a !projectwish to add to this list ;)
  • build a offline cloud environment, to safehaven data away from the big eyes, easy backup, sharing, but most important redundant storage (harmony)
  • 'See it to believe it' Perendev magnetic motor
  • Security paranoid user laptop. (tails)
  • Greenspace - Power sufficient hackerspace Started, see Downscaling
  • Bruteforcing wifi remote control toy car
  • Slayer door knock responder
  • Accurate/Current Public transport times , and possibly a 'planner'? See for busdata from geertjesweg;
  • Wiki practice test. To let an inexperienced member use and recreate a project on a wiki page and let the project owner(s) update the wiki with info on dead ends with the current documentation.
  • NURDspace VR Started, see NURDspace VR
  • NURDUONdataminer that finds 'kWh' dataleaks on twitter and replies with 'smart' assumptions based on powerusage , like '200 bitcoins mined' or '1000 weedplants grown' or '75 unicorns thrown in the incinerator'
  • Solar optical fiber lightbulb lighting room 1
  • construct a nurdspace sign on the roof that can be seen on sat photos (bonuspoint if it also keeps soccerballs and kids away)
  • NURDspace Linux distro Hark Linux
  • Space state -for your eyes only- (Only visible by logged in to wiki or privileged IRC users)
  • Monitoring for bofh group , emailed , on : snmp , internet , server load , climate control , sensors functionality (power, sth, traffic)
  • An online NURDspace forum
  • A Map of the radiator loops, to know how we can segment the heating to prevent heating areas without need. Loop is a true loop, no dependancies on any being open at all.
  • look into /opt/epc scripts on home-assistant to figure out if the delay of changes can be minimized by doing all ports at once. Melan replaced em and they are now LIGHTNINGFAST.
  • add a cable retraction mechanism from a broken vacuumcleaner to nurdspace's numatic james vacuum
  • NTP server for the space , +1 bonus if its using a GPS , +10 bonus if it runs on a esp
  • make a SellStuffForNURDspace tool, with spacecamera and a seperate cable/dock to connect the camera to. Docking would trigger 'all photos on camera are for a item to sell' which get downloaded from camera and deleted , a label gets generated which contains a unique code to match item , and possibly a date on which it will get listed (to keep new items on space for ~100 days to give members a chance to use it) , print it and have user stick it on the item . Directly (or after X days, if setup) the item will get listed on in a NURDspace account with all the previously taken photos and 'Te koop: Ding zoals op de foto' 'met meer vragen kom ons lastigvallen op de chat' or something.
  • build a imgur clone for space usage
  • build a fileshare thing for space usage

Didn't take time to write something, just pasted the irc

 19:26:55 <@buZz> flok: zijn daar ook heatmaps van? van !wanneergaat percentages?
 19:26:59 <@buZz> per user dan
 19:27:02 <@flok> buZz: nee nog niet
 19:27:09 <@buZz> flok: kan achter auth per user op de portal? :D
 19:27:11 <@flok> buZz: maar privacy?
 19:27:14 <@buZz> ^^
 19:27:15 <@flok> ja
 19:27:17 <@buZz> ja
 19:27:19 <@r3boot> ja?
 19:27:19 <@ghbot> ja is: Kyllä / Ndiyo / Sim / Weewawo / Yebo / da / ganja / ja / si / soms ook nee / да / نعم / はい

When will this project be done

I hope never. Or ASAP.