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Open/Closed sign for the space
Skills 1337 Skillz, coding
Status Broken
Niche Infra
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool No
Location Zaal 2
Cost IDK Ask Melan
Tool category Electronics

Open/Closed sign for the space

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A open and Closed sign for our space!

Use case

To make it easier for visitors to see that someone is in.

How it was made

Melan helped me out a lot and provided 99% of the code as i'm a n00b at Python.

Flok messed around with things as well (added a few bugs).


Sending a text to it (to use it as a ticker)

  • mosquitto_pub -h -t 'doorpixel/scroll' -m 'niet poepen bij de deur'


  • docker instance on erratic (vm 100)
  • /home/nurds/openClosedSign
  • start via Portainer (see Erratic, look for "goofy_chatelet" in the list of containers)
  • recreate: docker stop openclosesign && docker rm openclosesign && docker build --no-cache . -t openclosesign && docker run -d --name openclosesign openclosesign:latest

Known issues

  • the ESP32 seems to lose connection with the network after a couple of hours if the space is closed [1]
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