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User Portal
User portal.png
Owner Zarya
Status Production
Hostname portal.nurdspace.nl
Location Coherence
Tool No
Tool category

User Portal


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The nurdspace user portal


Access to

  • Bar history / Balance
  • Finance Invoices / Claims / Open balance (see Finance for details)
    • this still needs some work on adding information
    • All the transactions still have to be added.

Links to internal systems

  • MPD client webbased
  • Git repo
  • Partkeepr
  • VoipDoos
  • Graphite
  • Observium
  • Proxmox
  • Camera 1

Runs on

portal.nurdspace.nl VM (so no container). IP (portal.nurdspace.nl points to revproxy so that's no use if you need to be on this machine).


Our site is hosted by Site4U
Our connectivity is made available by BIT
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