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Space TV
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Space TV

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What is it

We've had multi-room audio for a while now, so now it's time for multi-room video! This is a upgrade on irctv and an extension of mpdtube, taking both to a whole new level. With SpaceTV it's possible to enjoy youtube videos throughout the space both auditory and visual queued up through IRC.

Audio will keep being handled by snapcast, while the video is handled by NDI. The video is played back on Spacesound and captured by OBS and sent over the network. The tickerpi also sends out a NDI stream of irctv itself, so that it can be mixed back into OBS or displayed on the TV when no videos are running. In zaal 1, a Intel NUC (D33217GK) is running xubuntu with Dicaffeine. Which is a NDI player with a web interface (and basic api).

Once we get our new internet connection, a fun idea would be to also have a HLS stream available for people on VPN. This could easily be done on Erratic; re-encoding the NDI stream to H264. (Maybe we could use for this to use nvenc?)


All the automation still needs to be written, there are a couple of main points that need to be done:

  • Start and shutdown the NUC based on space state along with the TV
  • Make a script that allows the changing of NDI sources using mqtt


  • Interface with OBS (allow changing of scenes etc)
  • Interface with MPV (Full control)