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Full project list

Project Participants Skills Status Niche Purpose
16 Screen Wall Nooitaf, Petraea, Zmatt X, Linux Dead Video artsy stuff Fun
30dayrack Removal Dead Excessive stuff Transportation
3D Printer 0 Buzz Operational Mechanics Infra
3D Scanner Buzz Getting parts Mechanics Use in other project
3D printer manual Pokon Using a notepad Planning Other Education
3D-Printer 1 Id Muscles Finished Electronics Promotion
3D-Printer 2 Profzon Programming, Mechanics, Electronics Operational Mechanics Use in other project
3DHark Noxiouspluk Pressing buttons Done Software Fun
64x16 Dot Matrix LED Display Noxiouspluk Arduino, Electronics, Knowledge sharing, Link gathering Dead [[]] Electronics, fun, world domination
9 Screen Wall 1 Petraea X, Ubuntu, Linux Dead Video artsy stuff Fun
ABS Fume Extractor Id 3D Printing Getting parts Mechanics Use in other project
Aandemuur Vision Somewhat working Hardware To look at while smoking
Airplane Tracking Melan Linux, Airplanes, Radio, Rtl-sdr Active as fuck [[]] Use for infra
Amiga Pizza Joypad Buzz Mechanics, Electronics Operational Electronics Use in other project
Arduino Ethernet Relay Box Dennis Arduino In progress [[]] Infra
Arduino Radio Spectrum Analyzer prototype on a breadboard Smokeyd Soldering, Electronics, Programming Dormant Electronics Fun
Arduino on a breadboard Smokeyd Electronics Production Electronics Fun
Arduino workshop Buzz None Planning Electronics Education
Art-Net on ESP8266 Buzz Coding, Arduino, ESP8266 Finished Software Fun
Artsyficial Skylight Hacking, Electronics, Programming, Making, Lights Active Artsy stuff Fun
Asterisk Flok Active [[]]
Atari 1040 connector Dennis Soldering Planning Other Fun
Audio Workstation Dreamer, Invict Production [[]]
Automated tree planter Invict, Petraea Wood working, Linux Operational Unknown Electronics, fun, world domination
Awesome Led music vest for party's Pokon Soldering, Programming, Arduino Planning Electronics
Barmonkey Test Buzz, Fwd Electronics Getting parts Other Fun
Barsysteem TBD Info gathering Cleaning Clean and tidy HAAHAHA space
Bathroom Light Petraea Coding, 3D Printing, Arduino, Soldering Dead Electronics Infra
Bb-leds Electronics Getting parts Hardware Fun
BeagleBone Zmatt Seeking purpose [[]]
Beer tap Tahtkev 1337 Skillz, Cleaning and logical insight, Plumbing Being Consumed Geinig Consumation of spa geel
Big Ass VU Meter Dennis, Inytar Soldering Planning Electronics Fun
Bookcrossing Dennis Administration Finished Sharing books Sharing, get more people to the space
Boopakart Active Cosplay
Brain synchronization Cu64 Active Unknown Unknown
Breadboard Z80 Buzz Electronics Dead Hardware Fun
Buztrum Buzz Instrumentbuilding Finished Music Instrument
User:Buzz/Philips HD9015 Bread, Baking, Food Active Food Fun
CNC Frees Info gathering Hardware Tool
CNC Machine Dead Hardware Infra
Cable storage plan Fwd Toilet usage, Organising Getting parts Other Infra
Cablehubs Cha0z97 Electronics Planning Electronics Infra
Calibrated Space screens Invict Production Video artsy stuff
Can Crusher stats Invict Planning Other
CastingAgency Buzz, Tahtkev Casting, Mixing, Stirring Planning Artsy stuff Use in other project
Chainsaw Generator Buzz Mechanics, Electronics Getting parts Excessive stuff Infra
Cheapass Silentdisco Buzz Electronics Dormant Music Infra
Chores Common sense Active Other Infra
Clavier tuning optimization Cu64 Music Active Music Use in other project
Collector Zmatt Electronics Industrial digital inputs
Computer restoration 1337 Skillz, Electronics Info gathering Retro Electronics, fun, world domination
Container Presence Electronics, Esphome, ESP8266 Active Infra Home Automation
CoreAnet Buzz Reprap, Mechanics, 3D Printing Planning Hardware Tool
Creality Ender 3 Pokoning, 3D Printing, Screaming Active Printing Electronics, fun, world domination
CryptoSlots Buzz, Zarya Planning Electronics Fun
Cyberdecking Buzz Recycling, Electronics, Linux, Raspberry pi, Arduino, Soldering, Dremeling Info gathering Electronics Electronics, fun, world domination
Cylinder POV Programming, Arduino, Soldering Planning Electronics Fun
Cytherea Cha0z97 Mechanics, Electronics, Soldering, Megasquirt Finished Electronics Fun
DECwriter III Active Retro Fun
DHP-1565 OpenWrt Dennis Reading docs, Building OpenWrt In progress Software Infra
DIP28 to DIP32 converter Dennis Soldering Planning Electronics Use in other project
DIY Ambilight Melan Linux, ESP8266, Raspberry pi, Software, Soldering, Electronics Active Video artsy stuff
DIY Spot Welder Electronics, Experimentation Getting parts Hardware Use in other project
DIY USB microscope Dennis Optics, Taking stuff apart Planning Hardware Use in other project
DOS gaming Buzz, Id DOS Dead Other Fun
DRIS Display Melan 1337 Skillz Getting parts Electronics
DS525 Planning Video artsy stuff Fun
De Digitale NURDspace Archeology Dormant Retro Occupational Therapy
Debian Setup on Archos G9 tablet Buzz Linux Planning Software Use in other project
Dell Equallogic Ps6000 recovery Rubberduck Computers Active Infra Education
Desk Lamps Buzz Lightning Planning Electronics Infra
Desk lights Melan Programming, Soldering, ESP8266, Esphome Active as fuck Artsy stuff Infra
Deskkas Buzz Gardening, Electronics Active Plants Use for infra
Digital turntable Inytar We'll see Dormant Electronics Fun
Dogecoincoinatm Buzz [[]]
Door lock Zarya Electronics Active Electronics Infra
Downscaling Infra Planning Hardware Saving energy and money
Drink/White Russian Mixology Being Consumed [[]] Getting you wasted
Drinks stock Tahtkev 1337 Skillz Planning Other Use in other project
DubbelDotDisco Nooitaf Active Other Fun
E02 Smart Wristband Dennis Vendor specific software, Experimentation Dead Software Fun
EBMX Buzz Done Mechanics Fun
ESP OPL Melan Arduino, Programming, Python Dormant Music Fun
ESP8266 Buzz, Dreamer, Zarya Software, Electronics Getting parts Electronics Education
ESP8266 Bitcoin SSID ticker Noxiouspluk Arduino, ESP8266, WiFi, C/C++, 1337 Skillz, Bitcoin Done Software Electronics, fun, world domination
ESPHome on SHA2017 Badge Dennis ESP32 In progress Other Use for infra
Eco Button Dennis Linux Dormant Software Instrument
Electric Marionette Buzz Experimentation Getting parts Electronics Fun
Electricity overhaul Planning Electronics Infra
Elektronische experimenteerdoos Bjornl Electronics Dormant Electronics Use in other project
Ender 3 upgrade list [[]]
Entrance themes Dennis, Invict Programming Finished [[]] Fun
Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer Noxiouspluk, Pokon 3D Printing, Windows and things Getting parts Hardware Electronics, fun, world domination
Espsdiorpi0wifi Buzz, Dreamer Getting parts Electronics Use in other project
Eurorack PSU Breadboard Adapter Dennis Soldering Finished Electronics Use in other project
FH-1 MIDI controller Dennis Arduino In progress Music Instrument
FPGA messing arounding Buzz Hopelessly staring into the void Planning Software Education
Fablab Wageningen Computers and Infra Dennis, Fwd Sysadmin stuff, Basic pc hardware Finished Software Infra
FilaStrüdel Pokon FilaStrüdeleling Planning Hardware Fun
Filament Diameter Reducer Zigurana Programming (arduino), Optimization, Construction Info gathering Printing Saving energy and money
Floralab Summagraphics T750 Buzz Design, Cutting, Plotting Getting parts Artsy stuff Tool
Flukso Buzz, Flok, Zarya Electronics Planning Electronics Infra
Fossil Abacus Petraea Production Electronics Fun
Frankenlanbox Zmatt Electronics
Frets on Fire DMX mod Bjornl, Buzz, Surrounder Coding Production Software Fun
Fun with 433MHz stuff Dennis Radio In progress Yes
GNU Guix w Arvados testbed Pjotr Sysadmin stuff Active Software Infra
GNUradio on Cubieboard Buzz Compiling Dormant Software Fun
Geodome Cha0z97, Petraea Mechanics, Muscles, Pipe Cutting Active Hardware Infra
Google color searcher Inytar Bash Dead Software Fun
GrundigRGBESP8266 Buzz Electronics, Programming Done Electronics Infra
HAIrk Buzz, Melan Software, Neural networks, Gpu Active Artsy stuff Fun
HARKboot Dennis Programming Production Software Infra
HDD led animations Buzz Soldering, Programming, Lightning Active Excessive stuff Occupational Therapy
HackLab Hacking Planning Software Education
Hackerspaces App Joseph Ionic, API, Android Planning Software Sharing, get more people to the space
Hark Linux Invict, Surrounder Linux Planning Software
Harkboard Harking Active as fuck Retro Electronics, fun, world domination
Harkkart Tahtkev 1337 Skillz, Electronics, Fabrication Getting parts Vehicles Transportation
Harmi Enterprises Hepb Info gathering Unknown Occupational Therapy
Headphone Amp Buzz Soldering, Electronics Dead Electronics Infra
Helping hack42 to clean the containers Sorting Active as fuck Cleaning Unknown
HexaNurd Danieltoo Planning Hardware Infra
Home Thermometer Buzz Arduino Production Electronics Infra
Homebrew Labsupply Buzz Electronics Getting parts Electronics Use in other project
Hydrogen Car Yellow Physics Planning Mechanics
I see a red door Dennis Not staying between the lines Planning [[]]
IPC@Chip boards Bjornl, Buzz, Dennis Dormant Electronics Use in other project
IRC support bot Active Excessive stuff Tool
ITHO Eco Fan Controller David Electronics, ESP8266, Esphome Done Hardware Saving energy and money
Ice cube mold for bottles Invict 3D Printing Planning [[]] Fun
Infinity Mirror AlBundy Arduino, Building, Electronics, Hopelessly staring into the void, Pressing buttons, Wood working Dormant Artsy stuff Fun
IntelliFrank Bjornl, Buzz Micro-electronics, Programming Dormant Electronics Education
Irctv Berend Active Artsy stuff Unknown
Jarvis Dennis, Invict Electronics, IoT Production [[]] Infra
Kabaal Timelapse Bjornl Soldering, Image postprocessing, Android coding Dormant Other Fun
Karretje Flok Electronics, Programming Active Geinig Fun
Korg Monotron Eurorack Mod Dennis Soldering Planning Electronics Instrument
LDAP Fwd FreeRadius, OpenLDAP, Linux Finished Software Infra
LED banner wall Bjornl, Zarya Electronics, Arduino, Programming Operational Electronics Infra
LEDLack Pokon Electronics, Arduino, Coding, Lack Active Video artsy stuff Fun
LG R100 info collection Buzz, Dennis Experimentation Active Video artsy stuff Fun
LSC Smart PIR Esp Info gathering Smart stuff Use for infra
LaLamp Melan Soldering, Programming Active as fuck Artsy stuff Tool
Lapdock Laptop Buzz We'll see Finished Other Fun
Laser Lab Laser Safety, Soldering, Micro-electronics, Electronics Planning Electronics Education
Laser engraver Soldering, Programming, Building Getting parts Electronics Electronics, fun, world domination
Led ticker Flok Active [[]]
Li-Ion battery capacity meter Danieltoo Coding, Arduino, 1337 Skillz, Hackery Planning Hardware Infra
LuchtScrubber Active Software
MIDI Synths and Arduinos Dennis Active Electronics Use in other project
MPDTube Melan Python, Linux Active Music Infra
Make your hobby stuff a reality Oosjeu Home-made, Sublimation, Embrodury, Crochet Active as fuck Artsy stuff Promotion
Maker Faire Eindhoven deelname Berend Active Other Sharing, get more people to the space
Malyan M200 3d printer Dennis, Pokon 3D Printing Operational Printing Fun
Manual PNP machine Cha0z97 Wood working, Assembling Dead Electronics Use in other project
Marsklok Clock Active Time Electronics, fun, world domination
Maxidome Construction, Grinding, Drilling Production Mechanics Infra
Meshtastic Active Radio Communication
Messing with Sonoff Buzz ESP8266 Active Electronics Use in other project
Messing with TL-WR703N Buzz Buildroot Dormant Software Infra
Midi Touch v2 Buzz 3D Printing, Coding, Experimentation, Electronics Active Electronics Fun
Mididome Construction Active Hardware Infra
Mini TV Eis-T Active Video artsy stuff Information viewer
Minibeamer Dennis Soldering, Arduino, Optics Dormant Electronics Fun
Minidome Construction Finished Mechanics Use in other project
Minitankpi Buzz Raspberry pi, 3D Printing, Mechanics In progress Unknown Unknown
Mitutoyo FJ-604 Buzz Mechanics Planning Mechanics Infra
Mobile sentry nerf gun Way Dead Mechanics
Model rocket with payload Yellow Dormant Other Fun
Monkeyopolis Dreamer Geometry Operational Hardware Infra
Moving to Diedenoort Unpacking, Moving, Sorting, Packing Finished Other Infra
Mug Collection Hoarding Active as fuck Other Promotion
MusicRemote Zarya Dead Electronics Infra
Mystery Fungus [[]]
NIC bootrom burning Dennis Bootrom building, Flashrom, Vendor specific software Dormant Software Use in other project
NURD talks Knowledge sharing, Presentation Active Cosplay Sharing, get more people to the space
NURDLed Cha0z97 Soldering Production Electronics Fun
NURDbar Bjornl, Nooitaf, Petraea, Smokeyd, Zarya Programming R&D Software Infra
NURDnotes Knowledge sharing Active Other Unknown
NURDsecure Id Linux Dead Software Infra
NURDsignage Tahtkev Software, Html, Linux, Docker Active Electronics Information viewer
NURDspace Certificate Services and Coaching Dvanzuijlekom Education, Certification Active Documentation Education
NURDspace LoRa pager network Arduino, Esp, Raspberry pi, Etc In progress Yes Fun
NURDspace VR Nooitaf Coding Active Software Fun
NURDspaceYarrrn Appy We'll see Planning Video artsy stuff Fun
Nes to usb Pokon, Smokeyd Basic pc hardware Active Electronics Fun
Network/Ansible Sysadmin stuff R&D [[]]
Networked Audiomixer Buzz Electronics Planning Electronics Infra
Networked coffee machine Dennis Unknown Planning Electronics Fun
Nizzies Home Automation Efforts Dennis 1337 Skillz Active Electronics Fun
Not-A-Phone Electronics, Python, Money Getting parts Hardware Electronics, fun, world domination
NrfSensorNode Dennis, Dreamer, Zarya Active Electronics
Nurd Plotter Melan Dormant Artsy stuff Tool
NurdNode Cha0z97, Petraea Electronics, Programming Planning Electronics Fun
NurdRacer Rule Machine Learning, Construction, Electronics, 3D Printing, Image postprocessing, Coding Planning Mechanics Electronics, fun, world domination
Nurdflag Promotion Info gathering Cosplay Sharing, get more people to the space
Nurdlights Melan Soldering, ESP8266, Programming Active as fuck [[]] Use for infra
Nurdspace eurorack raspberry pi hat Programming, Electronics Active Music Fun
Nurduino Smokeyd Electronics Active Electronics Use in other project
Occlupanid Appy Sewing, Sculpting Active Artsy stuff Occupational Therapy
OfTheMountainboard Buzz Hopelessly staring into the void, 1337 Skillz, Using a notepad Dead Mechanics Transportation
Open Data Wageningen Buzz Databases, Datagathering Dead Software Education
Open/closed sign 1337 Skillz, Coding Broken Infra Electronics, fun, world domination
OpenRC F1 Pokon 3D Printing, Assembling, Electronics Finished Electronics Electronics, fun, world domination
Opladhder AlBundy Mechanics, Soldering, Electronics Planning Mechanics Fun
Overzeas 3/4 pants Appy Sewing, Assembling Planning Other Occupational Therapy
PLCC32 in Circuit flash/eeprom Programmer Dennis Programming, Electronics Planning Electronics Use in other project
PSS 680 direct output Aetios Soldering, Electronics, Audio Active Music Instrument
Parts Postgres, Php, Sysadminning Production Infra Infra
Passive Eurorack Control Surface Dennis Electronics Planning Music Fun
Phone Dock Keyboard Dennis Soldering Active Hardware Fun
PiRistona SA5026A Dennis Linux Active Music
Picknplacer Cha0z97 Mechanics, Electronics, 3D Printing, Programming Active Hardware Instrument
Picture Frame PC Petraea Programming, Soldering Dead Electronics Fun
Piratebox WR703N Buzz Openwrt Production Software Infra
Playing with RFM95W Buzz Radio, Rf, Arduino, Lora Getting parts Unknown Unknown
PlotBoard Buzz Mechanics, Cnc, Polargraph Planning Artsy stuff Information viewer
Point n clickery Zarya Software Planning [[]] Infra
Pokons to do list Planning Documentation Infra
Power meter Electronics Replaced Electronics Infra
Printer manual V2 3D Printing Active [[]] Education
Project Endlösung Cleaning and logical insight Active as fuck Cleaning Clean and tidy HAAHAHA space
Project Wishlist Wishing Active Documentation Occupational Therapy
Projekt Kellerboot Dedaan We'll see Dead Mechanics Fun
Proto putty Tahtkev Handicrafts, Glue smelling Info gathering Artsy stuff Use in other project
Prusa i3 Buzz, Laafwerpen, Petraea Mechanics Finished Mechanics Infra
Pulsecontrol Python Dead Documentation Use in other project
Quadcopterz Electronics Planning Mechanics Fun
RC Crawler 3D Printing, Electronics, RC, Mechanics, Metal working Info gathering RC Electronics, fun, world domination
RGB LED Panel Petraea, Zarya Software, Electronics Active Electronics Infra
RJ45 bridge module for eurorack Dennis 3D Printing, PCB design, Soldering Done Music Instrument
ROS on Pi2 with Kinect Vendor specific software, Software Dead Software Use in other project
Radiator automation Invict IoT Getting parts [[]] Saving energy and money
Rainbowmaker Pokon Building with lego and other stuff, 3D Printing Getting parts Mechanics Promotion
Raspbankipi 1337 Skillz, Assembling, Arduino Planning Hardware Fun
Reflow oven Cha0z97, Petraea Production Electronics Infra
Refurbing TomToms Buzz, David Archeology, Linux Active Retro Tool
RobertLongboard Buzz Mechanics Finished [[]] Transportation
Roland U-20 Noxiouspluk Repair, Electronics, Music Planning Music Tool
Rookmelder Buzz, Fwd, Id Hackery Getting parts Electronics Infra
Rules and guidelines Common sense Active Other Infra
SHA badge mpd client Dennis Coding, Python Active Music Tool
SID based midi-controller Yellow Programming, Micro-electronics, Soldering Dormant Electronics Fun
SPACEPRINTER 3D Printing, Soldering, Electronics, Hopelessly staring into the void, Building Active Hardware Electronics, fun, world domination
SSD Acceleration Linux Active Software Infra
Samick SM-1200 Mixer Audio, Mixing Active Music Tool
San setup Glasfiber, Networking, Storage Active Documentation Education
ScarlettScroller Bertrik Hacking, Electronics, Programming, Making, Lights Active Artsy stuff Fun
Scopemeter 97 repair Danieltoo Soldering, Troubleshooting, 1337 Skillz, Hackery, Electronics Getting parts Electronics Infra
Shutdown Script Linux, Python Finished [[]] Saving energy and money
Solar power Electronics Planning Electronics Saving energy and money
Sonic Amplifier Melan Programming, Soldering, 3D printing, Rijst eten Done Artsy stuff Fun
Sony Vaio Ultraportable Melan Linux, Computers, Japanese Info gathering Electronics Electronics, fun, world domination
Space Alarm Electronics Planning Electronics Infra
Space anet a8 Pokon Pokoning, 3D Printing, Screaming Dead Printing Electronics, fun, world domination
Space status Bjornl, Buzz, Petraea, Zarya Micro-electronics, Coding Production Software Infra
Spacefiets Eis-T Cycling, Zero carbon mobility Removed Infra Sharing, get more people to the space
Speech in the space Buzz, Dennis, Petraea Coding Production Software Fun
StumbleIRC Buzz Coding Planning Software Fun
Summon Active [[]]
SynthesEis-Ter Eis-T Design, Construction, Electronics, Soldering Active Music Instrument
T119RC-Bert 3d printing, Metal working, Electronics, Design, Cad Active Mechanics Electronics, fun, world domination
TCS34725 Arduino, Esphome In progress Other Occupational Therapy
Tablet Refurbishment Tahtkev Software, Vendor specific software, Apple, Jailbreaking In progress Electronics Information viewer
Tahtsmarthome Tahtkev 1337 Skillz R&D [[]] Home Automation
Tesla Coil Danieltoo, DeeTwo High voltage, Electronics Active Electronics Electronics, fun, world domination
Tesla Desk Chair Arduino, Beaglebone, Python, Wiring, Motors, Relay Finished Electronics Fun
The Hark Express Eis-T Public Transportation Operational Infra Infra
Ticktack Flok Ntp In progress Time Use for infra
Time-lapse photography Dennis Unknown Planning Video artsy stuff Fun
Timelapse rig Active as fuck Electronics Electronics, fun, world domination
Trojan horse Schaarsbergen part 2 1/2 [[]]
Turnigy Mini Fabrikator II Link gathering, Knowledge sharing Production Printing Tool
Ubuntu forum support bot Theo Coding Planning Software Education
Ultra Benchy 3D Printing Finished Artsy stuff Electronics, fun, world domination
Unofficial gaming console Invict Getting parts [[]] Fun
Verhuizing Packing, Moving, Searching Done Other Infra
Vinculum Petraea, Zarya Production Software Infra
VisuallyHowToGetToTheSpaceExamples Buzz Media Planning Documentation Sharing, get more people to the space
Vitrinekast Active Geinig Clean and tidy HAAHAHA space
VoIP We'll see Dormant Other Infra
Wearable Computer Buzz Linux, Optics, Mechanics, Electronics Dormant Other Fun
Weather thingi Soldering, Programming, 3D Printing Done Documentation Electronics, fun, world domination
Weatherdata Leech Buzz Scraping Production Software Infra
Webpotato Buzz Active [[]] Fun
Wifimap Wageningen Buzz Walking Planning Software Fun
Wiki Wiki Operational Software Infra
Window Isolation Cu64, Dennis In progress [[]] Saving energy and money
Xmpp Active [[]]
Zipit Z2 Buzz We'll see Production [[]]
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